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A Market Oriented Approach

Credit: Zabir Hasan

People at the BOP represent untapped economic and human potential

People at the BOP are an important part of our economies and social systems. They frequently work in the informal economy and trade their money, skills and labour to access basic products and services and to earn their livelihoods. However, as consumers and producers, they face multiple disadvantages – too often, they obtain no or low quality products, services and goods; too frequently the prices of these products and services are far beyond what they can afford. In addition, lack of education and limited access to financial resources constrain their ability to invest, produce or acquire skills that can help improve their situation.

At Intellecap we believe in creating inclusive, sustainable social change. We believe that the people at the BOP represent untapped economic and human potential which if supported and developed can help create value for themselves as well as for the world.

Intellecap focuses on facilitating and supporting markets that are more inclusive and fair. We therefore have developed our Practice Areas, Initiatives, and Incubations around creating inclusive, sustainable business models that help build and scale profitable enterprises dedicated to social and environmental change. We highlight the larger role and opportunity that exist for the private sector to make positive development outcomes happen. We emphasize market-driven approaches and solutions that improve the lives, livelihoods, and social conditions of people at the BOP.