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Imagine Africa 2030: Technologies that will shape Africa’s tomorrow


Africa has registered impressive economic growth over the past decade and a half, displaying remarkable resilience in the midst of volatility and turmoil in global markets. Time is now ripe for the continent to turn the chapter and embark on a journey towards a major economic transformation. For this, Africa needs a new economic growth model powered by the strength of the real economy, entrepreneurship and innovation. This report aims to explore the critical role emerging technologies can play in helping Africa address its age-old development challenges and achieve exponential growth over the next decade. Our research and interviews with a range of emerging technology specialists from around the world and experts with deep experience on the social entrepreneurship and impact space in Africa helped us develop a framework for analyzing the potential of emerging technologies to amplify impact creation in the African context.

The report highlights our vision of how emerging technologies can trigger a set of big shifts to help Africa leapfrog and combat its development challenges. Our research indicates that although early evidence of these shifts is already visible signaling the beginning of Africa’s innovation journey, significant whitespaces currently exist. The report identifies these key innovation whitespaces based on scanning of 100 technology use cases in Africa. It concludes by identifying a set of opportunities these whitespaces present for key stakeholders to help nurture a vibrant and high impact technology innovation ecosystem and in the process, become a part of Africa’s journey towards economic transformation. The following visuals help stitch together and narrate the key findings, insights and takeaways from the report.

Publication date: 
Friday, February 24, 2017
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