Executive Director and Head - Business Consulting & Research

“After several years in mainstream strategy and operations in the US, I wanted to move back to India and work on something different and intellectually stimulating. The journey at Intellecap has not only been the most challenging, but also the most rewarding time in my life.”

My Work

Of the work that I’ve done recently – I especially enjoyed working on creating the ‘last-mile’ outreach strategy for a mobile-based agri-advisory service. Before Intellecap, I worked in Technology, Media and Telecommunication for several years; but I never really thought these fields had the potential to be applied in such a different context. The project resonated with me because it is a beautiful intersection of a large corporation’s vision for the future; technology and frugal innovation; and social impact. It inspires me to see what outcomes are possible if a large corporation puts the small-landholder farmer on their agenda.

In all my time at Intellecap, I’ve never felt the pressure to fit into a specific framework, and I personally thrive in that sort of an environment. People often ask me what my typical day looks like, and there really is no answer to that question! The work we do is uncommon, and often unprecedented. I like not knowing exactly what’s around the corner in terms of the next project we take up.

My Impact

We notice social challenges around us all the time, and often don’t really get around to doing anything substantial about them. I’m driven by the opportunity to contribute to solving some very complex challenges at the BOP; and using my mainstream training to create impact where its needed most. The “problem-statements” of our work are interesting and though-provoking. I’m an excited on a Monday morning if I’m posed a question like “what policy changes can effectively drive first generation entrepreneurship in India?” and “who should drive them?”

My Future

I’ve grown to become a more effective professional at Intellecap. I’ve created a wide network of different actors in the social enterprise space, and have my finger on the pulse of what’s happening around the world. I work with, mentor and lead a very diverse set of people. They can make me look at the same issue in so many different ways; and that’s opened up my worldview.