Associate Vice President, Business Consulting & Research

“At Intellecap I am converting 18 years of development sector experience into actionable advice. I am energized by the speed at which it is being implemented, as well as the impact.”

My Work:

Of the projects I am working on right now, I especially enjoy finding ways to create sustainable and equitable transportation facilities for the urban poor, a study we are doing for a leading private foundation. I spent 18 years in development research, contributing to several Human Development Reports during that time. In my past career, I spent significant time working on issues such as developing infrastructure and roads but what I like about the urban transport project is that it asks a very specific and actionable question; and it will impact those who need it the most.

I like how professional and diligent the team here is. There is a huge diversity of skills and knowledge; and I see 'big picture' thinking in the team members regardless of what role they are in. The big change I see from the NGO world I used to work in is that I am free to do my best work without having to worry about how to sustain the organization. It is refreshing to be able to work without that constant worry!

My Impact:

I have always been committed to a career in social impact; but Intellecap's business driven approach has been a real eye opener. I am working at the cutting edge of every domain I have been exposed to in the past. There is a sense of urgency and a high level of ownership in the work I do here.

Before joining the team here, I was always troubled by what to do with all the insights I had accumulated over a long career. I wanted to be able to use them effectively. Now, I feel a sense of well-being from knowing that I am able to contribute to tangible, positive and sustainable change.

My Future:

I have grown as a professional in the time I have spent at Intellecap. My approach to work, my communication style, and my ability to work in and lead teams have all grown exponentially. I look forward to continue to grow within the organization and help develop the practice on Agribusiness and Rural Development within the Consulting Practice Area.