Associate Vice President, Investment Banking

“I ran my own firm in the education space for 2 years before joining Intellecap. The exposure that I get to funders, entrepreneurs and others in the education market is not only helping me grow as an investment banker; but also as an entrepreneur.”

My Work:

At Intellecap, I focus largely on raising equity for enterprises working in the education space. Prior to Intellecap, I founded a venture in the education space. So I am able to relate to the early stage companies that we work with. Venture Capital, particularly in the social enterprise space, is more open to possibilities and is more risk taking than the mainstream private equity space I spent many years in.

I enjoy the independence in my role here. I feel like I am contributing to building an organization and an industry, instead of just being a cog in the wheel.

My Impact:

The entrepreneurs we are raising capital for are pioneers in so many ways. They are tackling challenges of literacy and employability that developing countries have been grappling with for so many years. Being an entrepreneur myself, I have first-hand experience of complex these challenges are and how difficult running a startup in this space can be.

I am driven by the fact that we support companies at the stages when they need capital and advice the most. I am also passionate about the education space; and the use of new technology, and mainstream business models to make education more effective. At Intellecap I have the opportunity to turn this passion into action and impact.

My Future:

My time at Intellecap has brought me several insights into what it takes to grow a business. I want to continue work in the education space, and perhaps branch out into policy someday. I am gaining a lot of knowledge and insights into this space; and particularly value the exposure to large multilaterals such as the IFC and the World Bank that are pioneering investments in these emerging markets.